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Know the Color of Your Chips

The casino is in itself a closed world. You could see this from how several gestures only have meaning when inside the casino, or when playing at the games. Knowing these special communicative pieces beforehand will help a beginner feel at home in a probably new and strange land. One of the 'codes' of the casino are the corresponding value of the colored chips.

If you have not yet visited a casino but are planning to, knowing the value of each chip color beforehand could save you from embarrassing situations. The tables and machines are often color coded: the minimum bets are often indicated only through the corresponding chip color. A $25 table, for example, will display a green placard.

It would also be safer for you to know the value of your chips, since you could avoid being cheated or swindled. And of course, you could avoid being seen as a beginner.

For people who are new to the casino and have never visited one, here are the color of the chips and their corresponding value.

1. White or blue chips

These are dollar chips. Most casinos do not have tables that permit these chips as starting bets. They are often only used in addition to other chips, and not by themselves.

2. Red chips

These are the $5 chips. They are also called nickels. Most casinos offer budget tables that permit the use of this chip as starting bet. If you are new, you would probably want to start via the budget tables. Look for the red placards and start your game there.

3. Green chips

These are the $25 chips. They are also called quarters.

4. Black chips

These are the hundred dollar chips. If you see a table with a black placard, expect the competition there to be fierce, as those are high-stakes tables.

5. Purple chips

These are the $500 chips. They are also called barneys. Most budget tables have a maximum bet at this value.

6. Orange chips

If you happen to win one, then you might already be jumping up and down. These are valued at a thousand dollars a piece. Also called pumpkins, this is the highest valued color.

Some casinos practice a different color scheme, especially for the dollar chips. What we present here, however, is what is common. Also, there are tables that do not correspond to any chips, like $10 or $15 tables. If you encounter tables with signs that differ from the chip colors, it is not embarrassing to ask.

Being new to the casino does not mean you should be ignorant. The casino is a place where you could lose (or win) a huge amount of money. By knowing the corresponding value to the color of the chips, you can readily attach the appropriate care for them. Always remember, chips are money.

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